vaylens for workplaces and company fleets

Workplaces cover the second-longest standing time of cars. That’s why office parking has become essential for EV charging. Companies use vaylens to electrify their parking facilities without effort.

Provide EV charging access to make everyone's work lives easier

Use our smart station and access management features to manage custom access and billing options for your charging infrastructure. As employees and visitors charge their cars at your office during business hours, and the reimbursement of their charging fees is fully automated, your charging infrastructure simply runs on its own, while keeping everyone at work focused and productive as usual.

Electrify your parking facility to reduce operational costs

Use Dynamic Load Balancing to optimise energy consumption on-site and make the electrification of your entire company fleet more cost-efficient. As your company fleet becomes electric, you're also reducing fuel and maintenance costs over time, improving your company's bottom line.

Comply with disruptive regulations to sustain your office location 

Organizations like yours are facing stricter environmental regulations and emission standards every year. Our charging management software is compatible with charging stations that meet the strictest and latest requirements, so you're assured of a parking and charging facility that's here to stay. 

Complete your ESG reporting to fulfill CSRD requirements

With our detailed monitoring features, you can identify and report on the consumption and performance of your charging infrastructure to fulfil CSRD requirements in the EU and ESG reporting in the UK. As you're taking advantage of our charging management software to complete mandatory ESG reports, you're safeguarding your reputation among investors.


You can add as many employees to your vaylens account as you want. The number of users and admins for your charging infrastructure is unlimited.

Use our Community Charging feature for this task. Employees can pay via PayPal, credit card, or direct debit. All you need to do is to set up the tariff on your charging points in your vaylens account. We collect the money generated from your charging points and pay out monthly.

Dynamic Load Balancing can be configured in many ways. The most common configuration is to limit the total electricity for a group of charging points and distribute that based on the demand coming from each charging point. You can set up limits for individual charging points or a group of charging points.

Make EV charging as mundane
as charging your laptop