Access and billing management for EV chargers

Use vaylens to customize access to your EV chargers, set up tariff preferences, and streamline charging management across teams. 

Access and billing management with vaylens in a nutshell

Access management

Tailor access to each of your EV chargers by setting up your own access and authentication rules. 

Location management

Use our location management feature to define use cases for specific locations, so you can efficiently manage multiple EV charging locations with your team. 


Set up tariffs per your preference and choose if you want to handle contracting and billing by yourself or want to let vaylens take care of everything. 

Access Management 

Configure the access to your charging infrastructure. By creating eMobility Account Identifiers (EMAIDs), you can specify which users have access to which charging points.


Available worldwide

Custom Charging Access 

Give a custom selection of users access to one or multiple EV chargers managed by you or by other EV charging operators. 


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Community Charging 

Give a custom selection of users a preferred treatment, by offering them a lower tariff or by enabling them to charge at (semi-) private charging stations. We handle the contracts and billing throughout the process. 


Coming soon

Fleet Management 

Give your employees access to charging infrastructure on-site, in public within the vaylens network, and at home. You can handle the reimbursement of home charging sessions from your vaylens account.


Coming soon

FAQs about access and billing management

Yes, you can set tariffs for public users like guests, and a separate tariff for employees or tenants with our feature, Community Charging.

Not if you’re using vaylens. We cover any credit risks associated with MSPs (mobility service providers) and guarantee that you can offer your charging services with confidence. 

No, we take care of invoicing all charging transactions, so you don’t have to deal with the extra administrative work.

Use vaylens to manage the access
and billing of your EV chargers