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Our partners include charging station manufacturers and software resellers, as well as roaming and payment providers. Making electric mobility accessible to all is something we do best together. 

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What it means to be a vaylens partner

You make electric mobility part of your business’s long-term success

Our charging management software simplifies the management and commercialisation of your charging infrastructure. This keeps your business relevant and profitable, positioning your business as a leader in the electric mobility revolution.

You work with a seasoned business partner you can always rely on

We are more than just a service provider. With a decade of experience in electric mobility, we are your trusted partner. From system integrations to strategic advice, you can count on us to help you exceed your customer expectations and navigate the complexities of our fast-changing industry.

You access useful features that are compatible with your (future) market

Whether you’re looking to expand your portfolio, enhance operational efficiency, or explore new markets, our charging management software is compatible with a wide range of hardware and tools. This helps you to easily integrate vaylens into your daily operations and future markets.

Reselling partners 

As our reselling partner, you add vaylens to your offering, which in turn gives your customers access to charging management software with unmatched efficiency and reliability. You benefit from competitive advantages, comprehensive support, and access to new markets across Europe.

Hardware partners 

As our hardware partner, you integrate vaylens with your current and future EV chargers, ensuring they operate seamlessly and effectively at all times. You benefit from market insights, customer feedback, and data analytics that help you enhance your products, and stay ahead in meeting market demands.

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Roaming partners

As our roaming partner, you gain access to a vast network of charging stations, expanding your reach and improving EV drivers’ experience on the road. This partnership not only expands your service portfolio but also aligns with our shared vision of making electric mobility accessible for all. 

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Payment partners 

As our payment partner, you integrate vaylens with your payment solution, enabling seamless and secure transactions between the EV driver and the charging station. This partnership gives you access to a vast network of charging stations while making your payment solution the standard for all charging transactions now and in the future.

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Other partners 

In addition to our usual partners, we’re collaborating with partners in consulting, energy management, and AI technologies to enrich our offering. By combining our strengths, we can better address customer needs and challenges that move the eMobility industry forward.

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What our partners say about us

By integrating our Eichrecht stations with vaylens, our customers can use our stations to their full potential.

Felix Jost

Product Manager, Ampure


Charging management software is designed to manage and operate electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, including the monitoring, management, and maintenance of charging stations, their users, and billing processes. 

Our roaming feature gives EV drivers access to a vast network of charging stations managed by different operators and locations. Roaming simplifies the experience for EV drivers as it allows them to use charging stations from multiple providers seamlessly. 

Yes, using the OCPP standard, vaylens is hardware-agnostic. This means various manufacturers can integrate vaylens with a wide range of their charging station models. You can use our documentation and support services to simplify your integration process. View the complete list of EV chargers that are compatible with vaylens here.

To become our partner, submit the application form here. We will review your application and follow up with potential next steps via email. 

The easiest and quickest option is to register here and get instant access to our software.

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