We are vaylens

Backed by industry frontrunners since 2009, we're on a mission to perfect EV charging management for any business across Europe. 

Our story

Managing electric car charging stations should be no rocket science. Yet often, it still feels that way. It's an investment that many businesses don't feel they have enough knowledge or resources to make. Or worse, they fear being stuck with a product and partner that is unreliable. 

But managing electric car charging stations cannot be an afterthought. It's an essential strategy for your company's survival in a market where electric transportation has become the norm. 

That's why we founded vaylens. Backed by industry frontrunners since 2009, we prioritized perfecting charging management software any business can rely on. 

By giving you straightforward and affordable tools to manage and monetise your charging infrastructure, we make it as easy as possible for you to integrate electric mobility into your business's long-term success and help make electric driving accessible to all. 


We built our first charging station, even before the mass production of the first electric cars started. Our charging station was the first in Germany to communicate with charging management software.


We were the first company to obtain legal compliance for the billing of AC and DC charging stations (SAM©), and we were the first company to provide an ad-hoc payment system with German debit cards for AC charging stations. 


We acquired electric mobility pioneers Wallbe and Innogy to diversify our portfolio and specialize our operations in charging hardware on the one hand and charging software on the other. 


We were acquired by KOSTAL Group to help them cover electrification across all areas of life, from the generation and storage of renewable energy to the charging and energy saving of electric cars. 


Compleo and vaylens became two independent brands part of the KOSTAL Group, pulling out all the stops to become market leaders in charging technology across Europe.

Our people

Timo Burg

Head of People & Culture

Our team spirit is unparalleled. No matter which obstacles we face, we always find a solution as a team.

Stephanie Greskämper

Senior IT & Product Owner

My coworkers and I became good friends and close confidants. We’ve learned how to utilise each other’s strengths and contribute to each other’s personal career paths.

Amir Torkhani

Business Development Manager

I went out for Chinese food with the team, and my manager taught me the art of eating with chopsticks—an experience that was both embarrassing and amusing.

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