vaylens for multi-tenant housing

Most people who buy electric cars want to charge at home. With up to 100% of new cars sold being electric across Europe in 2030, EV charging becomes a must-have for multi-tenant housing. Use vaylens to keep your residents happy and your property value high.

Attract and retain tenants to increase renewals & occupancy rates

Use our smart station and access management features to manage custom charging access for tenants and visitors. As you're adding an indispensable amenity for every tenant who owns an electric car, you're giving them a reason to call your property home.

Optimise the energy consumption to maximize property value

Use Dynamic Load Balancing to optimise energy consumption on-site and help your tenants use your charging facilities in a sustainable and cost-efficient manner.

Complete your ESG reporting to fulfil CSRD requirements

With our detailed monitoring features, you can identify and report on the consumption and performance of your charging infrastructure to fulfil CSRD requirements in the EU and ESG reporting in the UK. As you're taking advantage of our charging management software to complete mandatory ESG reports, you're safeguarding your reputation among residents and investors.


Use our Community Charging feature for this task. Employees can pay via PayPal, credit card, or direct debit. All you need to do is to set up the tariff on your charging points in your vaylens account. We collect the money generated from your charging points and pay out monthly.

Dynamic Load Balancing can be configured in many ways. The most common configuration is to limit the total electricity for a group of charging points and distribute that based on the demand coming from each charging point. You can set up limits for individual charging points or a group of charging points.

Sustain your property with
an indispensable amenity