vaylens for delivery and depot fleets

Taking advantage of reduced costs, higher efficiency, and government incentives, transport and logistics businesses are updating their fleet with electric vehicles. Use vaylens to make the electrification of your fleet efficient and scalable.

Secure the performance of your electric fleet to reach delivery goals

Use our smart station management features to monitor and control the performance of your charging infrastructure in real-time. With an uptime of 100%, you're guaranteed fully charged vehicles that can hit your delivery targets every time again.

Electrify your parking facility to reduce operational costs

Use Dynamic Load Balancing to optimise the energy consumption on-site and make the electrification of your entire fleet more cost-efficient. As your fleet becomes electric, you're also reducing fuel and maintenance costs over time, improving your company's bottom line.

Comply with disruptive regulations to sustain your fleet

Organizations like yours are facing stricter environmental regulations and emission standards every year. Our charging management software is compatible with charging stations that meet the strictest and latest requirements, so you're assured of infrastructure that's here to stay.


vaylens charging management software has an uptime of 99,9% and is monitored 24/7. Keep in mind that the availability of your charging infrastructure also depends on the internet connection on your EV chargers.

You have the option to set your EV chargers to public vs. private. Public setup: set up a tariff on your charging points in your vaylens account. From there on, we collect the money and transfer it to your preferred bank account. Private setup: you can assign various permissions for your EV chargers. This means that you can assign your drivers to specific EV chargers that require no charging fees.

Dynamic Load Balancing can be configured in many ways. The most common configuration is to limit the total electricity for a group of charging points and distribute that based on the demand coming from each charging point. You can set up limits for individual charging points or a group of charging points.

Make your electric fleet
a lasting success with vaylens