vaylens for energy providers and the public sector

More electric car owners will rely on public charging in the next five years, while public charging infrastructure is still struggling to keep up with new EV sales. Use vaylens to make (semi) public charging infrastructure accessible to everyone.

Increase charging access to boost the local economy

Enable widely accepted payment methods on your charging infrastructure so you can give more people access to your charging points. As people spend more time at locations where they charge their cars, you help local businesses generate more income, and local communities enhance their lives.

Optimise grid consumption to stay on budget

Use Dynamic Load Balancing to identify patterns in the energy consumption of your charging infrastructure, which will in turn inform your future urban planning and grid optimization.

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Comply with changing regulations to sustain your infrastructure

Whether you must meet air quality standards, reduce emissions, or comply with regulations such as Eichrecht and AFIR, our software is compatible with charging stations that meet the strictest and latest requirements, so you're assured with infrastructure that's here to stay.

Increase EV charging access to enhance customer experience

Take advantage of our 100% uptime, charge card, automated billing, as well as driver's app to improve the entire user experience of your charging infrastructure. By giving your customers access to a vast network of charge points across Europe, you're making their transition to electric mobility much easier.


vaylens gives EV drivers access to a variety of payment methods: payment via QR code, payment with debit and credit cards, payment using a charge card (provided by an MSP; mobility service provider), or payment via invoices using our “community charging” feature.

Because we already contract all CPOs (charge point operators) and MSPs (mobility service providers) within our network, all you need to do is to set up the tariff on your charging points in your vaylens account. From there on, we collect the money and transfer it to your preferred bank account.

Dynamic Load Balancing can be configured in many ways. The most common configuration is to limit the total electricity for a group of charging points and distribute that based on the demand coming from each charging point. You can set up limits for individual charging points or a group of charging points.

We offer EV drivers access to our own charging network, as well as to external charging networks. Combined, we offer access to a total of 195K charging points in Germany.

Boost EV charging access
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