Monetising EV chargers

 Use vaylens to collect and send earnings from your EV chargers to your bank account directly. 

Monetisation with vaylens in a nutshell

Immediate earnings

Set up tariffs for your charging points to start collecting money from your EV chargers at once. Without any need for extra contracts, you receive your earnings directly to your bank account.

Public roaming

Take advantage of our large network of roaming partners to give all EV drivers easy access to your charging infrastructure. 

Commercialisation of any EV charger

Assign specific tariffs and access to charging points to earn money from your EV chargers, even in workplace or residential settings. 

Quick Setup

Start earning money with your charging stations immediately without any additional contracts. We will handle everything and send your earnings directly to your bank account.


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Integrated Payment and Roaming

Open your charging infrastructure to EV drivers without any additional effort and profit from our integrated Online Payment and a large network of connected roaming partners.


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Extensive Tariff Management

Use our tariff management to create and assign tariffs to multiple groups of EV chargers to tailor your pricing exactly to your needs.


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FAQs about monetising EV chargers

We manage the billing of all charging transactions on your EV chargers for you. Every quarter, you will receive a credit note from us for the charging transactions completed on your EV chargers. 

Yes, we support roaming with other charging networks such as Hubject and Gireve, making sure you can commercialise your charging infrastructure optimally. With our feature Roaming+, we connect your EV chargers with operators outside of the vaylens network. Whether you prefer certain operators or have unique pricing strategies in mind, we can tailor the roaming capabilities to your specific requirements.

We've taken care of all the regulatory requirements, including calibration laws, AFIR compliance, and UK Charging Regulations, so you can focus on simply managing your charging infrastructure.

Use vaylens to monetise
your EV chargers