vaylens for retail and commercial parking businesses

87% of consumers are more likely to visit a retail store where they can charge their car, and 59% of them will shop longer while their car's charging. Use vaylens to grow your retail and commercial parking business.

Attract and retain customers to increase dwell time and revenue

Take advantage of our 100% uptime, payment integrations, as well as our driver's app to improve the user experience of your charging infrastructure. As more EV drivers flock to your parking facility to charge their cars, you're boosting the foot traffic, dwell time, and revenue of your location.

Utilise your space optimally to secure your ROI

Collect multiple types of fees for your charging infrastructure to open another revenue stream for your business and use Dynamic Load Balancing to optimise the energy consumption on-site. As you're making the most efficient use of your location, your charging infrastructure and parking facility are bound to become more profitable over time.


vaylens gives EV drivers access to a variety of payment methods: payment via QR code, payment with debit and credit cards, payment using a charge card (provided by an MSP; mobility service provider), or payment via invoices using our “community charging” feature.

Because we already contract all CPOs (charge point operators) and MSPs (mobility service providers) within our network, all you need to do is to set up the tariff on your charging points in your vaylens account. From there on, we collect the money and transfer it to your preferred bank account.

vaylens offers simple branding options within your account, such as setting up your logo and colors.

Dynamic Load Balancing can be configured in many ways. The most common configuration is to limit the total electricity for a group of charging points and distribute that based on the demand coming from each charging point. You can set up limits for individual charging points or a group of charging points.

Make your location a
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