The most straightforward EV charging management software

Our features and services make it as easy as possible for you to use your charging management software, so you can quickly get on with the rest of your job. 

Adapts to your growing business

By giving you options to integrate with the latest technology in our fast-changing industry, we make sure you can rely on a solution that's always compatible with your growing business. 

Makes your investment worthwhile

By giving you smart tools to monetise your charging infrastructure, we make your investment in electric mobility worthwhile and part of your business's long-term success. 

Compatible with multiple payment terminals

By helping you configure and connect your existing charging stations to a payment method or terminal, we make every charging transaction significantly simpler. 

Station management

Set up your EV chargers in minutes using our guided onboarding and simplified handover for electricians and manage your chargers with a dashboard tailored to your needs.

Detect errors and find potentially malfunctioning EV chargers quickly by using our real-time activation overview, including a tracker of error rates.

Use our cloud-based load management and individual charging strategies to maximise the performance of your EV chargers without extending your grid connection. 

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Monetising stations

Set up tariffs for your charging points to start collecting money from your EV chargers at once. Without any need for extra contracts, you receive your earnings directly to your bank account. 

Take advantage of our large network of roaming partners to give all EV drivers easy access to your charging infrastructure.

Assign specific tariffs and access to charging points to earn money from your EV chargers, even in (semi-)private workplace or residential settings.

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Payment integrations

Enable online payment via QR-Code or app to offer a convenient charging experience to everyone. 

Connect your charging infrastructure with one of our partner payment terminals in record time or integrate your EV chargers with built-in or stand-alone payment terminals from our many hardware partners. 

Make your charging infrastructure user-friendly and secure with our dynamic QR-codes, AFIR-conform payment terminals, and Eichrecht-compliant charging transactions. 

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Access and billing management

Tailor access to every one of your EV chargers by setting up your own access and authentication rules. 

Use our location management feature to define use cases for specific locations, so you can efficiently manage multiple EV charging locations with your team. 

Set up tariffs per your preference and choose if you want to handle contracting and billing by yourself or want to let vaylens take care of everything.

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Support and services

Choose one or multiple support options, including webinars, dedicated customer success support, or a 24/7 helpline for your customers. 

Browse the latest documentation and tutorials to unlock the full potential of your charging management platform and scale up your eMobility business. 

Integrate vaylens into your company's existing infrastructure.

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Yes, it does. You can easily migrate a bulk of charging points by importing a specific Excel file. You can download a template for your file from your vaylens account.

Yes, vaylens supports basic and advanced integrations, making valuable, tailored data available to you via application programming interfaces (APIs). Please contact us for a personalized consultation here.

Vaylens supports all built-in payment terminals from Compleo and Alpitronic charging stations. vaylens also supports a selection of stand-alone payment terminals. Please reach out to for the latest list of compatible payment terminals.

Consult our pricing and plans here. To book an individual consultation and/or explore tailored solutions, please contact us here.

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