Station management for EV chargers

Use vaylens to set up, configure, and monitor your EV chargers–individually or in bulk.

Station management with vaylens in a nutshell

Onboarding and management

Set up your EV chargers in minutes using our guided onboarding and simplified handover for electricians and manage your chargers with a dashboard tailored to your needs. 

Monitoring and error detection

Detect errors and find potentially malfunctioning EV chargers quickly by using our real-time activation overview, including a tracker of error rates. 

Load management

Use our cloud-based load management and individual charging strategies to maximise the performance of your EV chargers without extending your grid connection. 

Station Management and Monitoring 

Setup, configure and troubleshoot your entire charging infrastructure and individual charging points. Monitor your charging infrastructure in real-time, find error rates per charging point over a defined period, and predict malfunctions with detailed insights into the status of each charging point and charging session.


Available worldwide

Commercial Dashboard 

Use this dashboard to analyse how you can maximize the revenue of your charging infrastructure—from adjusting their accessibility and roaming configuration to changing their charging tariffs. 


Available worldwide

Dynamic Load Balancing 

Optimise your charging infrastructure without extending your grid connection with our cloud-based load management and individual charging strategies.


Available worldwide

API Integration

Integrate the vaylens platform into your company's existing infrastructure. You can configure tariffs, manage and restart stations, manage EMAIDs, and send OCPP commands, just to name a few—directly from your company's system.


Available worldwide

FAQs about station management

vaylens supports hundreds of EV chargers, ranging from Alfen and Alpitronic, to Compleo, Mennekes, Siemens, and Wallbox. View the complete list of compatible EV chargers here.

Yes, you can easily migrate a bulk of charging points by importing a prefilled Excel file. You can download a template for your file from your vaylens account.

Yes, vaylens supports basic and advanced integrations, making valuable, tailored data available to you via application programming interfaces (APIs). Please contact us for a personalized consultation here.

Yes, vaylens provides remote firmware updates for your chargers, individually or in large rollouts. The availability of firmware updates and the ability of remote firmware updates can vary depending on the specific EV charger model and supplier. For more information about firmware updates, please contact us for a personalized consultation here.

Use vaylens to manage your
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